Technical Resources


Features and Benefits of Different Platinum Alloys
Ensuring the appropriate platinum alloy is used in the correct application.
Heat Treatable Platinum for Jewelry
The concept of age hardening platinum and the alloys that have this capability.
Platinum Alloy Applications for Jewelry
Platinum Alloy Characteristics: A Comparison of Existing Platinum Casting Alloys With Pt-Cu-Co
A comparison of different alloys and the best platinum alloy for casting.
Platinum Durability vs. Scratching
A comparison of different platinum alloys and a discussion on scratching and other issues.
PlatOroT: The Perfect Marriage
Features and benefits of the platinum and gold alloy are discussed in this paper.
Practical Applications of Heat Treatable Platinum
An explanation of a "heat treatable" platinum alloy and how it is being used in today's jewelry manufacturing

Understanding Heat Treatable Platinum Alloys

Platinum Alloy Design for the Investment Casting Process
Plat/S+TM Innovative General Purpose Platinum Alloy Transforming Goldsmiths Into Platinumsmiths
Alloy transforming goldsmiths into platinumsmiths.
Platinum: Durability vs. Scratching (and Some Polishing Tips)


A Platinum Tapestry: Weaving all the Elements Together
Article discusses platinum weaving.
Bench Tricks for the Platinum Smith
Hints and tips on working with platinum.
Considerations in Platinum Design
Things you need to know to make a successful design.
Creating a Designer Piece
How to make designer jewelry in platinum.
Designing with Platinum and Gemstones
Things to consider when using gems in platinum jewelry.
Fearless Platinum Repair Techniques
How to repair and service platinum jewelry.
Laser Welding or Conventional Soldering
A discussion and explanation of the benefits of lasers as opposed to soldering or welding.
Manufacturing Platinum Wire By Hand
How to make platinum wire.
Making Soldering a Technique of the Past
An introduction on laser welding.
Platinum and 18-Karat Gold...Oil and Water?
Combining gold and platinum to make jewelry.
Platinum Chain Making
How to make platinum chain product.
Platinum Fabrication
How to fabricate with platinum.
Platinum Fabrication Process
How to fabricate with platinum, process explained.
Platinum Wire Filigree
Making filigree wire jewelry in platinum.
Potential Problems in Design and Fabricating Platinum
How to avoid potential problems when fabricating platinum.
Principles of Tack Welding and the New Granulation Method in Platinum
Using a tack welder properly for design and fabrication.
Restoration of Antique and Period Jewelry
How to repair and restore period pieces from estate jewelry.
Understanding Plumb PlatinumTM Solders
Platinum solders explained.

You no Longer Need to Say: This Can't be Done. Laser Welding Applications in Jewelry Manufacturing

Basic Platinum Repair Techniques
Surface Treatment Applications for Platinum Jewelry
How to produce assorted surface finishes on platinum jewelry


A Look at the Low Cost and Methods of Hydrogen Torch/Upright Spin Casting of Platinum Alloys
Casting Gold to Platinum
Casting gold onto an existing platinum ring to create two-color jewelry
A Review of Cast Platinum Jewelry Fabrication Methods
A Review of Cast Platinum Jewelry Fabrication Methods
Basic Ceramic Considerations for Lost Wax Processing of High Melting Alloys
Platinum Casting: The Power of Process Control
How to control the casting process and maximize casting results.
Casting Tree Design and Investment Technique for Induction Platinum Casting
Innovative Lost Wax Investment Platinum Casting Process
Platinum Casting Investments
The pro's and con's of platinum investment powders.
Platinum Casting Problems and Solutions
Potential casting issues are explained and solutions offered.
Pouring, Pulling, Spinning, and Pushing: Various Methods of the Lost Wax Casting of Platinum Both Old and New
Production Platinum Casting
Use of Design of Experiments in Casting Platinum
Casting experiment to work out casting issues are discussed.
Platinum Casting Techniques
A description of platinum casting methods and techniques
Platinum Casting Technology
The platinum casting process and casting technology
Platinum Casting Theory and Techniques
Casting technology, process control and casting techniques.

Vacuum and Pressure Platinum Casting


Cutting Precious Metals with Abrasive Waterjet
Cutting ring blanks from platinum tubing using a water jet cutting device
Diffusion Bonding of Platinum
Bonding several layers of metal together using pressure and heat
Hot Extrusion of Heavy Wall Seamless Tube for Platinum Jewelry Applications
Comparing different methods for making platinum tubing.
Machine Engraving of Platinum Seamless Bands
Techniques and equipment used to engrave seamless wedding bands
Machines, Hands and Wedding Bands
How wedding bands are made in today's manufacturing
Machining Platinum Rings - Do's and Dont's
Helpful tips for machining platinum wedding bands.
Micro Laser Cutting in Jewelry Applications: A High-Tech Approach to Fine Detail
The introduction and usage of a cutting laser.
Platinum Mass-Finishing
Discusses finishing on a larger scale for manufacturing
Production of Platinum Wedding Rings by Powder Metallurgy
The process of making jewelry by cintering platinum powder


Bonding Platinum and Gold For Finished Jewelry
How to bond gold and platinum permanently for jewelry manufacturing
Characterization and Correction of Casting Defects
How to identify casting defects and find a solution to prevent them.
Evolution of A Design
How a product is developed, from drawing to producing the finished product.
Maximizing Refining Returns for Platinum Alloys (Knowing Your Inventory)
How to get the best return when refining
Platinum Fabricating and Stamping
Explains the manufacturing process of stamping and fabricating platinum jewelry

Platinum Finishing
Discusses finishing platinum jewelry from the rough casting to the end product.

Platinum Mill Products and Brazing
An explanation of the process of brazing and producing platinum sheet, wire, tubing and other mill products.
Practical Applications of Specific Gravity Determination to Platinum Jewelry Manufacturing
This paper discusses the "Archimedes Principle" of determining weight of product using water displacement
Quantitative Determination of Platinum by XRF Techniques
Using s-rays to determine what platinum alloy the jewelry is made of and what purity it is.
Recent Innovations in Platinum Manufacturing
Details on new developments in techniques and equipment for platinum manufacturing.
Technical Aspects of Platinum Refining
Things you need to know when refining platinum
The Supply of Platinum in Semi-Fabricated Form to the Jewelry Industry
Availability of findings and settings and other platinum parts available to the jeweler