Meaning of Wedding Bands

HE deserves the best TOO


In modern times, a bride and groom's wedding bands have taken somewhat of a backseat to what has transitioned into the more prominent engagement ring. It's not surprising. Brides dream about what might sit on their finger some day... a brilliant diamond set in a modern, classic or vintage platinum setting they fell in love with or designed with their betrothed. And, once a couple's engagement is announced, friends, family - just about everyone known to the bride-to-be -- are clamoring for a first look at the engagement ring.

But that wasn't always the case. In fact, the engagement ring is a relatively new addition to the realm of love and marriage. Since ancient times, wedding rings have been exchanged between brides and grooms as a symbol of their undying love and lifetime commitment.  The unbroken circle is an age-old symbol of eternity or timelessness, and many couples see the circular shape of their wedding rings as a sign of their continually renewed vows of marriage.

An Ancient Tradition…

The oldest and most spectacular examples of wedding rings used for jewelry were discovered in Mesopotamia (Iraq) between 1922 and 1934.  On the site of the historic city of Ur, royal tombs revealed an elaborate plethora of jewelry dating back to 2500 BC.  Ten wedding rings were found to have been worn on the fingers of Queen Pu-abi. (Source: Tait, 1986.)

The placing of the wedding rings on the third finger of the left hand is said to date back to ancient Egyptian times, due to the alleged belief that the "vena amoris" (Latin for "vein of love") leads directly from this wedding ring finger to the heart.  A more practical reason as to why the third finger traditionally wears the wedding ring may be that this finger is the only one that cannot be fully extended on its own.  This belief holds that the finger bearing this precious metal is always aided when women have to work with what is, for the most part, the less-used hand.  (Source: Brasch, 1996.)

…Still Alive Today

Admiration for the symbolic significance wedding bands represent is on the upswing. Afterall, the engagement ring speaks of the promise to marry, whereas the wedding bands represent the lifelong commitment made at the marriage ceremony. Choose platinum to symbolize eternal love.